DC Everest Tennis Boosters Club
Established in Spring 2007 for supporters of the DC Everest Tennis program

   Who are the Tennis Boosters?  
We are the parents of all D.C. Everest tennis players.  
We have an elected board that manages the club's activities, 
The success of the Boosters requires support from all tennis families.

(photo courtesy of Wausau Daily Herald)

Dustin Radloff:  Boys and Girls JV/Varsity Coach
Nicole Paulson: Asst. Boys and Girls JV/ Varsity Coach, Middle school and Jr. High Coach

All tennis player parents are encouraged to attend Tennis Booster Club meetings.
Show your support, keep up-to-date with tennis activities and volunteer to help your Tennis Team!

**The next meeting:
April 11, 2011 @ 6:30 pm
Location TBD

1.  Boys season starts March 28
2.  Senior High courts - repairs, adding doorway through fence, storage options
3.  Scholarship applications 
4.  The future of the tennis boosters

A Big Thank you to Darcy Yde for her years of service as our Tennis Boosters President!!!
Mr. Brian Barry was elected as the new President on Oct. 3, 2010

President:  Brian Barry
Vice President: open position
Secretary:  open position
Treasurer:  Jodi Gargulak

2010 Girls Tennis Stats:
09/08/10 DCE 1, Wausau West 6
09/09/10 DCE 0, Merrill 7
09/14/10 DCE 4, SPASH 3
09/16/10 DCE 4, Marshfield 3
09/20/10 DCE 3, Wis. Rapids 4
09/21/10 DCE 1, Wausau East 6
2010 Boys Tennis Stats:
4/27/10 DCE 0, Wausau West 7
4/29/10 DCE 0, Wis. Rapids 7
5/04/10 DCE 6, Rhinelander 1
5/06/10 DCE 0, SPASH 7
5/14/10 DCE 4, Marshfield 3
5/18/10 DCE 0, Wausau East 7

May 2010 Scholarship Recipients: 
Stephanie Chartier
Lisa Wirkus
Nikki Bestul
Michael Rask
Dan Suchomski

Fund Raising Opportunities

Boys/Girls Tennis Teams are selling Beef Jerky!
  See Coach Radloff for more info.

Aluminum recycling at Yaeger's Auto Salvage:
Bob the bus driver set up an account for us.  Drop off your scrap aluminum and support your tennis team!

Everest Tennis Clothing:
New tennis shirts for sale!  See Coach Radloff for more information.

Thanks for supporting Everest Tennis! 

Click here to see photos from Tennis Camp 2007!

For more information about the Tennis Boosters Club, please email our Club President:  Brian Barry

*This page updated March 11, 2011
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