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Shirley Abrahamson


Shirley Abrahamson came to Wisconsin with her husband when he wanted to further his education. She later moved to New Jersey but returned following her husband's career. Meanwhile she was studying to become a lawyer. After coming back to Wisconsin permanently she was appointed Chief Justice of Wisconsin's Supreme court.

Sonja Ackerman

Sonja Ackerman has lived in Wisconsin her entire life.  She grew up in Eau Claire, but moved to Wausau after attending college at UW Madison for a Masters Degree in Library and Informational Studies to get a job as a children's librarian.  She currently is a librarian at two different schools in the Wausau School District.

Ginger Alden


Ginger Alden grew up in Wisconsin near the shore of Lake Michigan. Growing up in the 50's, she was the daughter of a mother without a job who wished to have her children to grow up to have strong careers.  She went on to have a very strong career while balancing a family and marriage. Inspiring women has been a big part of her life. 

Pat Alea


Pat Alea was not born in Wisconsin but occasionally came up to visit her grandparents. She became an English teacher. After she met her first husband and had kids she was a stay-at-home mom. While her kids went to school, she went to graduate school, also, with a masters in creative writing. She has been involved with the Economic Development Commission in Madison, has been Assistant Executive Director of the Wisconsin Alumni Association, chaired the American Marketing Association local chapter and helped initiate several projects for women including Cabinet 99 at UW-Madison and Lt. Governor Barbara Lawton’s Wisconsin Women = Prosperity, just to name a few. 

Gail Ambosius


Gail Ambosius was in her teens when the feminist movement was starting. She had grown up the sixth of ten children and saw how hard her mother worked.  She soon decided she wanted something different, a career and a college education. She went to school to become a travel agent. Saddened by the lack of glamour, she searched online for something more in her direction. She found an online program called "Ecole Chocolat" or "Chocolate School" and signed up, to become a Chocolateir.   

Marcia Anderson


Marcia Anderson was born in Wisconsin but moved to Missouri in  the 2nd grade. She went to school in Missouri throughout high school attending an all girl school. She is currently the CEO of United States Bankruptcy Court and a part time Brigadier General in the Army Reserve. In the court, she makes sure they have what they need. She loves facing the challenges that the army officials throw at her just because she is a girl.

Nell Anderson


Nell Anderson wasn't born in Wisconsin but came up when her and her husband got a teaching job in Wausau. After she had her first child she was a stay at home mom and adopted a Korean girl while looking for other work options. She went to Papua New Guinea to teach the New Guineans to teach, here she learned she loved English as  second language. She went to  Stevens Point to get a masters degree in this study. 

Tammy Baldwin


Tammy Baldwin was born and raised in Wisconsin.  She went to Madison Public schools. To further her education she went to college for politics and served on multiple boards in Wisconsin and is currently in the House of Representatives. 

Sue Becker


Sue Becker graduated from NTC and went straight to Wausau and became interested in business and marketing. She joined a club called DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America). During her time in DECA she was nominated to seek the office of National Secretary. She does lots of volunteering here in the D.C Everest School District. 

Christine Bellport


Christine Bellport came to Wisconsin from California. First she stayed for her job, but now she stays because she loves the state. She had several reporting jobs in multiple states but chose to stay in Wisconsin. She does her best to show herself as reporter and not just an object like some other women are broadcasted. 

Judge Ann Walsh Bradley


Ann Bradley grew up in the small town of Richland Center, Wisconsin. She graduated Richland Center High and went to Webster College in St. Louis Missouri Majoring in Religion and English. After graduating Bradley taught high school in La Crosse. She later went to the University of Wisconsin Madison to study law. She moved up to Wausau and started her own law firm. She later ran for Wisconsin Supreme Court and was elected in 1995. She has been working there ever since. 

Christine Bremer-Muggli


Christine Bremer-Muggli came to Wisconsin with her husband after getting married. She grew up in the middle of Chicago attending high school, college and law school in the city.  As a young lawyer she worked for the Attorney General of the state of Illinois as a Special Assistant Attorney General. As part of her work there she assisted people who were committed to mental health facilities and children and adults with developmental disabilities. 

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