Wisconsin History Highlights

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About the Book

    Wisconsin History Highlights is a student handbook for research in Wisconsin history. It introduces 100 topics in the state's history to middle-and high-school students who are interested in creating historical research projects.  Students will find subjects in a wide variety of categories and will have the opportunity to use relevant primary and secondary sources to document their research. The events and personalities highlighted range from the well-known to the lesser known, but all are significant samplings in their own right that span the broad spectrum of our state's history. Each one appeals to students' interests and is linked to other similar topics. The entire publication is designed to familiarize readers with important historical eras and stories, giving students a variety of compelling choices for further study. 

    If students are working within a National History Day framework, Wisconsin History highlights make an excellent starting point from with to begin a project.


D.C. Everest's Contribution

Click here to view a sample story about David Clark Everest himself.