Native Nations of Wisconsin: 

Sharing their History, Culture and Traditions


In this project narrative of the various interviewees, the students have honored us by searching for our stories and memories and allowing us to remember what it means to be Ho Chunk, Anishinabe, or a tribal person from our own tribal personal perspectives.  It is all of about respect and understanding the principle, "being different, does not make it bad."  It is my hope that in doing this project the students have helped those who travel along that old adage "that when the mind is ready, teachers or teachings will appear."  That the stories and teachings of this project will not only help tribal people continue the journey to the era of cultural pride as opposed to the past eras of cultural shame, but for the non-Indian to see and feel this era of cultural pride tribal people.

- Ozaawaanaquad aka Alton "Sonny" Smart

bulletSonny Smart
bulletAngela Greendeer
bulletSharon Cloud



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