wORLD wAR ii:

World War II: Stories from our Veterans is a project, which collected and compiled over ninety stories from World War II veterans.  These stories, which cover the entire time span of the war, tell of daily life, battle experiences and much more.  Most of these veterans, in a manner characteristic of their era, adamantly state that they are not the true heroes.  Rather, they insist, the heroes were left behind.  We are extremely thankful to the veterans for sharing their stories with us.  The project also includes interviews with several women.  The Judd S. Alexander, Verizon, and the D.C. Everest Area Foundations funded this project.

"War is hell and always remember it.  You will never realize it until you are there...I go to the hospital quite frequently and I see all these white haired old guys, and boys.  They won a war together.  The people don't think and they forget.  They do not realize what has happened.  Everyone should visit a veteran's hospital.  Some can't use their arms, only turn their heads, others are in beds making sounds all night.  Then you get an idea of what war has been like for the guys that did make it.    

    Larry Bloedel
                          WWII Veteran Interviewees

bulletLeo Blaskowski

bulletDale Cannon

bulletBill Dowell

bulletNelda Gibbs



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