Korean war:
not Forgotten

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The Korean War veterans provided a service to our country during the war. Now, over fifty years later, they have again provided service- this time, to the adolescents of Central Wisconsin. The Korean War Oral History Project provides students with the opportunity to observe how varied people's experiences were during the war. As with the World War II veterans, and the Vietnam veterans, those Korean War veterans who were not in the thick of battle were somewhat reluctant to share their stories. They did not want to take away from the heroic efforts of their fellow combat veterans. However, we reassured the veterans that we wanted students to understand that people in the military play many different roles. We wanted to help students understand the total picture.

"The Korean War should not be forgotten.  It was called a "Police Action" but a lot of guys died during that time.  It was a WAR to men and women who served is should be remembered that way."

Howard Zell: Korean War Veteran



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