A Look Back at the 1950'S 



 A Look Back at the 1950s is an amazing student-produced project.  It contains over 100 interviews about daily life in the 1950s.  Interviewees also share their views/memories on national happening of the decade.  They experienced the first McDonald's, the growth of suburbia, mass housing projects, a baby boom that has never been matched, all while living under the threat of nuclear destruction brought on by an ever increasing cold war.  They experienced building bomb shelters, the paranoia of Joe McCarthy and the actual heating up of the Cold War that resulted in the Korean conflict. But for most Americans, life got better after World War II as they went about their daily lives. Many took advantage of the G.I. Bill and were able to enjoy the benefits of increased education and a new culture of consumerism. Radio, T.V. and motion pictures all flourished in this decade known for its conformity. 


bulletMichael Baxter

bulletDavid Aschenbrenner
bulletOscar Durkee


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