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Social Studies includes the disciplines typically classified as belonging to social and behavioral sciences as well as history, geography, law, economics, philosophy, and the humanities. It also includes those topics, which focus on social problems, issues and controversies.

The first priority of social studies is to ensure our survival as a free nation through the development of enlightened citizens. To this end the mission of social studies education must be to instill in student an understanding of their cultural heritage and to provide them with a working knowledge of the economic, political and social factors that make up the human ecosystem in which we all must function.

A central goal of the social studies program is effective thinking and reasoning. It is important that students learn to conceptualize and connect ideas and knowledge with beliefs and civic participation. To do that, thinking and reasoning skills are learned through systematic practice throughout the social studies department.

Because students will take on diverse, lifelong roles as learners, friends, family members, consumers, workers and citizens, the social studies program will provide appropriate and supportive instruction. Participatory experiences are therefore critical to social studies learning. It is important to realize that the goal of effective education for social participation and civic responsibility is shared with total school program, families, and the community.



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