Advanced Science Classes
The Science Department offers the option for students to take the AP tests in Chemistry, Physics, and Biology if they so desire. Advance Biology (1 year), Advance Chemistry (1 semester), and Advanced Physics (1 semester), closely mirror the advanced placement curriculums for the respective sciences, but are not a replacement for the actual "Advanced Placement" course work. AP Biology, on the other hand, is specifically designed to provide the student with advanced placement preparation. For further information, see the science department coordinator.

LEAP Description:
Science LEAP students will be provided specific course options in their invitation letter mailed to their home. Science LEAP courses follow the traditional course curricula but are tailored to the LEAP students' needs.

Advanced Placement (AP) Description:
D.C. Everest science students are offered the AP tests in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. The courses that correspond to the respective tests are Advanced Biology (1 year), Advanced Chemistry (1 semester), and Advanced Physics (1 semester). These courses do not follow the advanced placement curriculum, but students will be exposed to many of the concepts found on the tests and can study the other concepts on their own. Please speak to an advanced science teacher or the curriculum coordinator for further details.

Leap Classes AP Tests Available
Biology LEAP Biology
Chemistry LEAP Chemistry
Physics LEAP Physics
Advanced Biology LEAP  
Advanced Chemistry LEAP  
Advanced Physics LEAP  
Independent Study Science LEAP